February Favourite

The notorious nature of February as the month of love gives no exception when it comes to these shoes.

These fabulous shoes were given to me for Valentines Day and it was love at first sight. I know exactly what rushes into mind when you look at these; nights out where you would sooner rather chew off your own foot than continue wearing the towering heels that, unfortunately, make your butt and your legs look like they came straight off the Victorias Secret catwalk. The ‘walk of shame’ after giving into the excruciating pain, stumbling around while attempting to juggle your phone, your bag, your friend and now these shoes, only to return home hours later with throbbing feet that have acquired a new non-slip system, after stepping on god knows what during your endeavours back to your bed.

Yeah, I thought it too.

You would imagine my surprise the first time I journeyed out with them, no burning sensation on the balls of my feet, no ankle pain from the lack of sufficient support… I would even go as far to say that out of the multitude of wedges I have acquired over the years, these are by far the most comfortable.

It isn’t everyday that you come across a shoe that presents us with both style and comfort (the heeled Crocs are a testimony to this), however, it is the clear consideration the makers at Wittner have obviously supplied that allows this to become a reality.

This is evident within the padding from heel to toe, as well as the supportive, yet very cute, buckled ankle straps. Combine these elements with the high fashion wedge heel and patent leather, and you have yourself a winning design that is extremely versatile.

Team these hotties up with a fitted black dress for a night out, or tone it down with rolled up jeans, a simple tee and a loose blazer.  Either way, you will fall in love with Panda!

The best part- they are currently on sale on the wittner website www.wittner.com.au !

So hurry and grab a pair of these gorgeous wedges, you defiantly wont regret it! and your feet will be thanking you too.

Sammy Jade xx



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