Winter/Spring 2012: The Peplum Passion

The Peplum Fever has hit full force this season, leaving an influential imprint in the wardrobes of many with its perfect accentuation of the feminine form and figure, a clear indication that the womanly shape is back in motion, bringing with it the vibrancy of the 80’s.

The idea of this look is to give the impression of the desired hourglass figure through close consideration of the figure hugging bodice, contrasted with the youthful and very flattering flounce protruding from the waistline.

Initially intended for the runway, this look has sprung to life, with women everywhere embracing this incredibly versatile garment, which is presented both in the form of a top, and as a detailing of a dress.

Paris Fashion Week, known for their prestigious reputation, jumped on the band wagon this year, a long with New York. They presented us with a range of peplums, as well as a fresh showcase of the many ways to pair it, thus displaying the many facets of this design.

Peplums, when worn correctly, are an essential silhouette within every womans wardrobe this winter, for that feminine touch.

The most important aspect to remember when wearing these, are that in order to avoid falling into the prehistoric trap, peplums need to be given the modernised touch, which can also be achieved by colour blocking as this can assist you in achieving your desired look; for larger busts, wear a darker colour on top to draw attention away and towards the peplum. To draw attention away from the bottom half, switch the look by adding a darker colour for the peplum.

Yves Saint Laurent presented us with a more masculine version of this  by teaming the peplum with a  structured blazer, whose eye-catching pink colour still reflected a femininity of the garment.

For the minimalists, this look was presented with colour blocking, and a cinched waist belt to further outline the wearers figure.

When integrated within a bodice, these styles are suitably matched with pencil skirts. To create an edgier, more casual take on it, pairing with skinny jeans are a great way to make legs look longer, and figure to look more slimming.

Follow Paris Fashion Weeks leads, get on-trend for this season with the figure flattering peplums.







Sammy Jade xx


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