Winter 2012: Perfect Pastels

This winter, ditch the dreaded blacks, greys and navy’s, and take up colours that will add that extra bounce in your step for the chilly season.

JoBerg Fashion Week for Autumn/ Winter 2012 showcased a variety of the currently heavily trending pastel palettes, perfect for winter, adding a soft touch to any outfit, a clear comparison to the vibrant hues of Summer.

Effortlessly Chic, they add the simplistic feminine touch to any outfit, both through colour-blocking throughout the entire outfit, and by making a big impact through minimal presence.

Knits are a perfect place to start expanding your colour palette this winter, with a great range out that wont clean out your life savings, and leaving you feeling fresh and on-trend. Team with pastel jeans and camel coloured booties for the effortless high-class look so hot, it will keep the chills away.

Images via: Tumblr

Keep warm this winter the chic way; add a touch of pastels to brighten that winter ridden wardrobe.

Sammy Jade xx


3 thoughts on “Winter 2012: Perfect Pastels

  1. The pastelicious photos here are very pretty. What lovely tips!
    Your blog is devine and I am a brand new follower!
    Would you mind checking out my blog which is still fairly new?
    – Karen.

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