An Australian Sunset

Today’s society brings with it a multitude of responsibilities, and ambitions which were not present in previous generations. This chaotic, yet very rewarding lifestyle we have learnt to acquire, tends to overpower us, as we lose hindsight of what we already have, through our constant search to find more.

Growing up on the sunny beaches of Australia, I have always been very fortunate in my circumstances, taking for granted what others are not as lucky to have. This became very apparent to me after being presented with this amazing sunset, as we say good bye to the last of the warm weather for the season. I sat with my best friend as we dwelled in the beauty of our hometown.

www.howtoruninstilettos.wordpress.comWearing: SuprΓ© high waisted dark denim mini shorts, Dotti cut out beige woollen top, Charlie Brown beige cashmere sleeved shrug with lace detailing on the back, Collette Aztec inspired bangle.



2 thoughts on “An Australian Sunset

  1. Oh my gosh! These photos are amazing! I knew you said that you were taking photos but I didn’t know they would be this good! Love it! And you know I love your blog πŸ™‚

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