Current Obsession: Dainty and Top Knuckle rings

This past season was a call for eye catching statement pieces and vibrant colours.

Performing a complete 180 degrees, this coming season is all about minimalism and feminism.

As if the current trend of little dainty rings weren’t the most perfectΒ touch to an outfit! I absolutely adore the look of these quirky top knuckle rings.

This Winter is all about femininity as seen within the soft pastels and simplistic touches. The intricate detailing of these rings provide extra interest to the overall look, as well as a certain softness to hands.

Although these rings would suit everyone, they would especially be perfect for shorter fingers, as they will not be overbearing, being a simple way to add balance.

Coming in a variety of designs, It is quite obvious that, although small, they still have a strong presence about them. After all,Β great things come in small packages, right?

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day

Sammy Jade xx


16 thoughts on “Current Obsession: Dainty and Top Knuckle rings

  1. i neeeeeeeeeeeeeed someee! where abouts can you get them? i was thinking maybe etsy? i haven’t seen them anywhere else πŸ˜₯ xx

      1. ahh i see what you mean, that would be difficult. maybe i should buy cheap-y ones which you can squeeze/shape to your finger size? haha x

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