On The Radar: Bow Ties

Initially regarded as formal attire for men, the return of the classic bow tie has been spotted all over the red carpet and catwalks; from high-end fashion to celebrities, everyone is embracing this incredibly chic accessory.

This extremely versatile item adds a fun vibrancy to any casual look, as well as a sense of sophistication when paired with a sharp, tailored blazer.

However, it is the delicate female interpretation that has added a new spin to this predominantly male inspired look, exemplifies the bow tie’s full versatility.

Being worn with a tailored blazer gives a feminine touch to a masculine concept, while pairing a loosely  tied bow with a feminine dress adds a new take, erasing all notions of masculinity.

Cinching in the waist is an effective way of reiterating the feminine form in order to ensure the look is not consumed by a mass of masculinity.

For both genders, exchanging the plain black tie with a brightly coloured, patterned or textured one is an easy way to add that extra statement, which, after all, is what this trend is all about.

Sammy Jade xx


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