New Love: Mirrored Nail Polish

This week I had the pleasure of working at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia (more on that later). Throughout my time there, I met and saw an array of people and collections that opened my eyes up to an amazing new side of fashion.

While working back stage at one of the shows, I noticed one of the other dressers had on this mirrored nail polish. Although I had seen it before, it had looked so much better right in front of my eyes.  I couldn’t stop looking!

I don’t know about you guys, but my obsession with painted nails often takes me to a dead-end, where no shade of pink satisfies my desire for a more eye-catching detail. This is exactly what I’ve been searching for.

Images via: Tumblr & Google

Better still, It comes in gold!

Happy painting

Sammy Jade xx


10 thoughts on “New Love: Mirrored Nail Polish

  1. Hi Sammy Jade,
    Fantastic blog….the way you have described these nail polishes has caught my attention and I will certainly be going out to buy a bottle to give it a try.

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