Latest Love: Peter Pan Collars

Hello Lovelies!  Sorry for the delay, I didn’t realise how busy I would be with Uni and everything! 

Welcome to the new look How To Run In Stilettos 🙂

So lately, I don’t know what it is- perhaps the change of season, but I have been absolutely LOATHING my clothes and their inability to give me new, and much-needed inspiration.

Today I went shopping with my best friend, and it wasn’t until I came home with my purchases, that I realised how much I am currently in love with Peter Pan Collars, with 2/3’s of these consisting of this adorable trend. Which, in hindsight, would explain my 2 hour browsing session on eBay last night for these.

These collars have now given my wardrobe the much-needed facelift! I love how dainty they are, they add the touch of femininity that, I believe,  should be available as an option to every lady.

Unless you have an endless supply of funds, or, an enormous money tree (in which case, let me know where I can get one!), versatility is an extremely helpful aspect to have for clothing choices. These collars could not suit this criteria more perfectly.

Dress them down with some rolled skinny leg jeans and some booties, or a flattering A-line skirt. Dress it up with a little black skirt, some heels and a blazer, or simply incorporated into a dress.

The look I particularly love is placing a necklace underneath the collar, this will be exposed in the gap between each side of the collar, adding a subtle embellishment, which definitely goes a long way.

Images via: Tumblr

It’s good to be back!

I hope everyone has a wonderful, safe weekend

Sammy Jade xx


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