Review: L’Oreal colour rich nail polish


I believe that I am more than worthy of holding the status of veteran to the triumphs and tribulations of nail polish, where not only the quality of the nail polish colour and thickness, but also the drying time, can make or break a day (does that sound really superficial? It does, doesn’t it.)

Where the colour presented within the bottle is by no means what we receive on the outside.

Nail polishes that have dripped, slipped, creased, crunched, chipped and refused to be removed after everything. Ones where the brush hardly picks up anything, where you find yourself awkwardly manoeuvring around the jar as if desperately trying to get to the last of the peanut butter.

Grit your teeth no more.

I have recently tried the L’Oreal Colour Rich Nail Polish, it was the vast array of colours that Β were available that instantly drew my attention. Royal Blues, Stunning Purples, Cutsey Pinks, Luscious Reds and everything else in between.

The first thing I noticed when I took the brush out of the bottle, was that it was thoughtfully contoured to fit your fingernail. I was instantly hopeful for the prospect of no awkward overlapping nail polish to skin as a result of an all to eager brush.

I must admit, when I applied my first layer, I was a bit disappointed. Although the colour was there, it wasn’t as strong as I had hoped for. However, this was rectified quickly with 2 more applications.

2 more?! I hear you say as you wait to rush out the door.

It’s not as bad as it sounds. I’m not the most patient of people, and even I thought that the drying time for this was quick! Which is definitely a winning factor in my book.

All in all, I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of this striking range of nail polish.

Sammy Jade xx

Image: Makeup and Beauty BlogΒ 


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