Paris Fashion Week SS 2015: Christian Dior

This past year has rolled around so fast its hard to believe its once again time for fashion weeks around the world. With Paris Fashion Week set to kick off the most fabulous time of the year, as expected we have certainly not been disappointed. Christian Dior showcased last week with their ready- to- wear collection, providing us an insight to what we can expect this Spring- thigh high boots with midi dresses and a heavily sixties influence. This collection Raf Simons played heavily with sequin detailing and feminine A-line shapes, elongating the legs by combining classic shift dress forms with thigh high latex boots. Guiding us through the Dior archives, we were also presented with shapely gowns, cut out neck lines and an eclectic mix of colours and patterns- proving to us that this Spring nothing is off limits. Have a scroll through some of the amazing pieces below:

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And a Side of Fries

Its not Schmancy…. but its definitely a little fancy.

If you have been quietly observing all the fashion week buzz like I have, you would have definitely come across Moschino’s McDonalds themed collection at Milan Fashion Week not too long ago.

And damn, fast food has never looked so good.

We have Jeremy Scott to thank for this deliciously fun collection, with his debut for Moschino having been referred to as a “mutant hybrid of Ronald McDonald and Coco Chanel” which, in all honesty, could not be put any better.

This collection consisted of the classic yellow and red colour palette and of course, the signature golden arches, with a fun play on the classic fast food chain uniform, which I’m sure staff would gladly give up their current attire for… or at least I would if I were them.

Its pretty safe to say that here at How To Run In Stilettos- we’re lovin’ it. (Too cliche?)

But of course, a collection based on popular culture would not be complete without  cameos from possibly the two other most iconic brandings- Spongebob and Fruitloops. Because, why not? right?

In an industry that has the tendency to take itself too seriously, its great to see someone flirting with fashion.

Check out some more images from the collection below and let me know what you think!

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Moschino - Runway - Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2014 jeremy-scott-moschino-2014-2 storymain_2829953a Moschino - Runway - Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2014 jeremy-scott-moschino-2014-1

Images via: Lifestyle Yahoo, Telegraph, Style.MTV,

Lisa Ho To Close Doors

lisa ho hero

Upon hearing this devastating news a little while ago, I am still in shock that the pioneering designer, Lisa Ho, has announced the end to her label after 30+ years.

Ho’s label focused on a contemporary aesthetic, with her show regarded as a complete success during the recent Fashion Week, as well as Australian Fashion Week 2012. While this wasn’t enough to maintain sales profits, administrators of the brand are now concentrating on focusing on an orderly close of the store chains, expecting to be finalised by the end of June.

However, it is true when they say with every cloud comes a silver lining. With this particular cloud, comes a last time amazing sale from the Lisa Ho collections which have subsequently been reduced an incredible amount! Definitely go check it out here to snag a bargain on the final few items.

I’m sure that I am speaking for many when I say that this label will be missed.

Sammy Jade xx

Images via: The Australian

LFW ’13: Temperley London

Lets cast our mind back to the beginning of London Fashion Week, where Temperly London rocked our socks with a collection of stunning, wearable and eclectic mix of stylish work wear and gorgeous evening dresses.

A monochromatic palette was the focal point of this collection, bringing with it a sense of simplicity and effortless chic. This however, was later contrasted with vibrant pops of colour- from oranges to splashes of blues and greens.

The strong tribal influences were definitely a welcomed surprise, with the intricate detailing tying together this amazing collection.





Images via: Yahoo! Lifestyle


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NYFW ’13: Favourites

With London Fashion Week well underway, what better chance than to recap of our past New-York-fashion-filled-week.

With many designers showcasing this years collections, we have so much to look forward to, and we can already tell that 2013 is going to be a year of remarkable trends.

Here are my top three favourite collections from NYFW ’13.

Ralph Lauren


I’ve already spoken of this collection, which showcased within the first few days of NYFW, and yet, I am still completely hung up over it.

Something about the vibrant mix of striking colours, accents of turquoise, and the major spanish influences has just sat with me over this past week. ¡Me encanta!


Oscar De La Renta


The De La Renta Fall 2013 collection was absolutely stunning, and with the division of influences of hooded cape coats, cloche hats, lace dresses and dramatic gowns, contrasted with  so clear, it almost appears as though two collections were shown. Both equally as stunning as the other.

Michael Kors


Two words- Sports Chic. In his collection, Kors showcased a collection of glamorised sportswear all within a strikingly bright palette which included the likes of neon orange and taxi cab yellow.

However, it was the combinations of cinched in waist belts and the oh-so-classy houndstooth coats that stole the show for me.


With all the amazing collections showcased this year, its going to be a hard act to follow.

Sammy Jade xx


Images via: The Fashion Spot

NYFW ’13: Ralph Lauren

Ok, so maybe it’s because I splurged on a gorgeous pair of Ralph Lauren jeans today, but I am absolutely loving the vibrancy and exotic Latin American and Spanish influences of this seasons collection presented at NYFW.

Me encanta!

I think it’s safe to say that RL pulled out all the stops this season, with the amount of ruffles, ponchos, shawls, fringes, cleverly designed hand shaped clutches, gold embellishments, jodhpurs, palazzo pants and LOTS of red, white, black and blue.

It really doesn’t help my burning desire to travel to spain. Vamos!

ralph_lauren_rs13_3724_20120913_1633432467 ralph_lauren_rs13_3754_20120913_2011418224 ralph_lauren_rs13_3639_20120913_1061800267 ralph_lauren_rs13_3573_20120913_1151194118 ralph_lauren_rs13_3486_20120913_1397740604 ralph_lauren_rs13_3471_20120913_2045669617 ralph_lauren_rs13_3354_20120913_1057309031 ralph_lauren_rs13_3290_20120913_1760526738


Images and to view the entire collection: The Fashion Spot

My Time At Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia

As I’ve mentioned, I spent this week immersed in the fast paced and exciting world of the fashion industry, being selected as one of the few to work as part of the Fashion Week Team, where I had the opportunity to work back stage with the models, as well as front of house, assisting in the organisation of various aesthetical properties of the catwalk and it’s surrounding room.
It was one of the best experiences to say the least.

Having the opportunity to work so closely within the industry, I gained so much knowledge, in particular the hours of work before hand that goes into a 15 minute show. This was experienced during my time of ushering the Watson X Watson show, as well as An Ode To No One.

Watson X Watson displayed an array of designs consisting of pastels, metallic, block colours, feminine shapes, as well as a contrast of ‘boyfriend-esque’designs.

However, it was the ambiance that filtered the room which really achieved a magic persona. This was created through a creative construction of tree branches, which were decorated with rows of flowers which were flurescently stained to glow in the dark. A fresh colour palette was achieved through pure white seating, as well as gift bags. This ultimate contrast was the fluorescent WxW sign which was positioned centre front and became the centrepiece, glowing throughout the room.
An overall nature vibe was achieved for the entire show.

An Ode To No One, presented us with symmetry and femininity. This was achieved through pastels, and lineage which brought to light the female form.

The guests were presented with a bag containing products from their sponsors. Positioned next to it, was a beautiful blue orchid which brought to life the entire white room through its simplicity and vibrancy.

It was however, the privilege I received on the first day that over came all other experiences for the rest of my week.

Dressing for the Whitney Eve show was one of the most exciting experiences, I was able to catch a glimpse into the glitz and glamour of the high fashion and fast paced industry, learning to quickly change the models before they were due back out on the catwalk, while having been surrounded by people such as Joh Bailey, Lara Bingle, Nicole Warne from Gary Pepper Vintage, Jay Lyon from The Hills, and even Whitney Port herself who were all back stage before the show. It was a dream come true.

Lets not forget about the garments. Whitney Eve displayed her Whitney Eve collection, as well as her WE collection, which will be sold in Sportsgirl around August. These collections channeled the classic, youthful woman with her vibrant designs which accentuated the wearers figure, as well as being combined with feminine drapage and soft fabrics and patterns. They were all very wearable, a perfect collection for the Sportsgirl shopper.

Images Via: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week:

I hope everyone had a wonderful, fashion filled week.

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New Love: Mirrored Nail Polish

This week I had the pleasure of working at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia (more on that later). Throughout my time there, I met and saw an array of people and collections that opened my eyes up to an amazing new side of fashion.

While working back stage at one of the shows, I noticed one of the other dressers had on this mirrored nail polish. Although I had seen it before, it had looked so much better right in front of my eyes.  I couldn’t stop looking!

I don’t know about you guys, but my obsession with painted nails often takes me to a dead-end, where no shade of pink satisfies my desire for a more eye-catching detail. This is exactly what I’ve been searching for.

Images via: Tumblr & Google

Better still, It comes in gold!

Happy painting

Sammy Jade xx

Winter 2012: Perfect Pastels

This winter, ditch the dreaded blacks, greys and navy’s, and take up colours that will add that extra bounce in your step for the chilly season.

JoBerg Fashion Week for Autumn/ Winter 2012 showcased a variety of the currently heavily trending pastel palettes, perfect for winter, adding a soft touch to any outfit, a clear comparison to the vibrant hues of Summer.

Effortlessly Chic, they add the simplistic feminine touch to any outfit, both through colour-blocking throughout the entire outfit, and by making a big impact through minimal presence.

Knits are a perfect place to start expanding your colour palette this winter, with a great range out that wont clean out your life savings, and leaving you feeling fresh and on-trend. Team with pastel jeans and camel coloured booties for the effortless high-class look so hot, it will keep the chills away.

Images via: Tumblr

Keep warm this winter the chic way; add a touch of pastels to brighten that winter ridden wardrobe.

Sammy Jade xx

Winter/Spring 2012: The Peplum Passion

The Peplum Fever has hit full force this season, leaving an influential imprint in the wardrobes of many with its perfect accentuation of the feminine form and figure, a clear indication that the womanly shape is back in motion, bringing with it the vibrancy of the 80’s.

The idea of this look is to give the impression of the desired hourglass figure through close consideration of the figure hugging bodice, contrasted with the youthful and very flattering flounce protruding from the waistline.

Initially intended for the runway, this look has sprung to life, with women everywhere embracing this incredibly versatile garment, which is presented both in the form of a top, and as a detailing of a dress.

Paris Fashion Week, known for their prestigious reputation, jumped on the band wagon this year, a long with New York. They presented us with a range of peplums, as well as a fresh showcase of the many ways to pair it, thus displaying the many facets of this design.

Peplums, when worn correctly, are an essential silhouette within every womans wardrobe this winter, for that feminine touch.

The most important aspect to remember when wearing these, are that in order to avoid falling into the prehistoric trap, peplums need to be given the modernised touch, which can also be achieved by colour blocking as this can assist you in achieving your desired look; for larger busts, wear a darker colour on top to draw attention away and towards the peplum. To draw attention away from the bottom half, switch the look by adding a darker colour for the peplum.

Yves Saint Laurent presented us with a more masculine version of this  by teaming the peplum with a  structured blazer, whose eye-catching pink colour still reflected a femininity of the garment.

For the minimalists, this look was presented with colour blocking, and a cinched waist belt to further outline the wearers figure.

When integrated within a bodice, these styles are suitably matched with pencil skirts. To create an edgier, more casual take on it, pairing with skinny jeans are a great way to make legs look longer, and figure to look more slimming.

Follow Paris Fashion Weeks leads, get on-trend for this season with the figure flattering peplums.







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