Oh, Marc Jacobs!

Paris Fashion Week.

Need I say more?

Recently I saw pictures and videos (through all my devastated tears of not being able to be there myself!) of the show that Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton presented at PFW.

Being described as Marc Jacobs “Mod Army” it was a dazzling array of a flashback to the 60’s with the adorable Twiggy style shift dresses and the geometric mod designs, which was complemented so perfectly with the vibrant palettes.

It was clear that PFW this year was intended to be shifted into full throttle, as seen with Chanel’s giant windmills, and, most importantly, Marc Jacob’s escalators which so cleverly presented the models in such a graceful way.

But seriously, who can even pull off escalators and high end clothing at an international fashion show?!

Bravo Mr Jacobs.

For those of you who haven’t seen yet, here are some amazing pictures from the show.


Sammy Jade xx

Images via: pinterest, My Proffsย