2013 In Review: If You Want To Be Happy- Be.



Well, we’ve done it. Another year coming to a close, and as the nostalgia of the past 12 months starts to inch its way into our minds, I can’t help but be excited in the prospect of the new year.

I guess one of the things people love most about a new year is the idea of a fresh start, a clean slate where lessons learnt over the past year can be put into practice, where new situations are formed that test you, grow you, and shape you. A chance for boundaries and comfort zones to be pushed, a chance for reflection and an opportunity to grasp where you are and where you want to take yourself. 


For me, 2013 has been a whirlwind; where the highs and celebrations have been just as equal to the drawbacks. It has definitely tested me in every way possible, and now that we are on the home stretch, I have come out of this year humbled and blessed for what I have and all the amazing people I have to share it with. 

As the new year approaches, and we eagerly scribble down our new years resolutions on a piece of paper that will inevitably and accidentally end up in the recycling pile a week later, it is important to remember that, while setting goals for ourselves is a great way to encourage us to strive for what we deserve, no academic marks, amount of money in our bank accounts or number of friends on Facebook define who we are or what we are capable of achieving. 



As I sit here, blanket wrapped around my legs, surprisingly cold form the sudden temperature drop, new years resolutions yet to be officially set (read: to find the nearest piece of paper to scribble them down on), and a wonderful week of festivities pending, I come to understand that in order to achieve happiness and success within their lives, one must find happiness within themselves. 

Life is so short, and it is absolutely detrimental to make of yourself what satisfies and warms your soul. 



On that note, I am writing to wish everyone a happy and healthy festive period, may your hopes and dreams manifest themselves this year, lets make 2014 our best one yet. 

And of course, I can’t go without giving you a taste of what inspires me; here are some of my favourite pictures surfaced during 2013. 










See you all in the new year! 

Sammy Jade xx

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Mirror, Mirror.


Some call it vein…

I like to think of it as self appreciation. 

Whatever your stance; the newest trend to emerge from the high streets will have you seeing yourself in a new light.

It appears that the top picks for eyewear this season is the reflective lens sunglasses, available in an array of colours and designs, and has been spotted on the most savviest in street fashion.

I will not lie… my first reaction to this was one of shock, as it reminded me of the sunnies I rocked when I was young, but after seeing them worn in a few ways; I am glad to say this is one I will definitely be embracing. Which is upsetting for my Tiffany sunnies. (I still love you!)

And hey…if it saves me from having to pull out my compact to check my makeup while talking to someone, then that is ay ok with me!




Images via: Tumblr & My Friend Franky

Sammy Jade xx

NYFW ’13: Ralph Lauren

Ok, so maybe it’s because I splurged on a gorgeous pair of Ralph Lauren jeans today, but I am absolutely loving the vibrancy and exotic Latin American and Spanish influences of this seasons collection presented at NYFW.

Me encanta!

I think it’s safe to say that RL pulled out all the stops this season, with the amount of ruffles, ponchos, shawls, fringes, cleverly designed hand shaped clutches, gold embellishments, jodhpurs, palazzo pants and LOTS of red, white, black and blue.

It really doesn’t help my burning desire to travel to spain. Vamos!

ralph_lauren_rs13_3724_20120913_1633432467 ralph_lauren_rs13_3754_20120913_2011418224 ralph_lauren_rs13_3639_20120913_1061800267 ralph_lauren_rs13_3573_20120913_1151194118 ralph_lauren_rs13_3486_20120913_1397740604 ralph_lauren_rs13_3471_20120913_2045669617 ralph_lauren_rs13_3354_20120913_1057309031 ralph_lauren_rs13_3290_20120913_1760526738


Images and to view the entire collection: The Fashion Spot

White Hot Spring 2013


The return of the white shirt this spring is the perfect way to bring back simplicity, class and crispness to your wardrobe, and, despite the complete contrast, is a great transition colour throughout the seasons.

Previously considered the supporting article for on-trend items, the white shirt is expected to step out from the shadows and present itself full force this year!

So let’s ignore the typical monotones of winter and cast our excitement towards the anticipated return of this uber chic trend!

My personal favourite that I can’t wait to sport this year is the tailored shirt- one that is derived more from the mens work shirt. I think that, if worn correctly, it can add a combination of class and feminism to the completed look.

The best way to achieve this would be to pair the shirt with a form fitting pant (and some killer heels wouldn’t go astray!)


Combining this style with one that connotes to a contrasting vision, such as the edginess of spray on leather pants or liquid leggings, is a great way to spice up the outfit.


Besides, why should our outfits conform to one look when there are so many amazing styles out there?!

We’re halfway through the Australian summer, is it too early to be looking forward to Spring?

Sammy Jade xx

Images via: Tumblr

It’s Monday!

Yay? Not usually the response you would expect to receive at the beginning of what appears to be a rather long week.

Don’t worry guys, its not that bad, I promise.

To help give you that extra boost that we all know we’re going to need to kick start this productive week (I’ve made a promise to myself), I’ve compiled some inspiration for you guys.

So grab your morning coffee, and lets get this show on the road!














All images via Pinterest.

Hope you all have a wonderful start to your week!

Sammy Jade xx

Oh, Marc Jacobs!

Paris Fashion Week.

Need I say more?

Recently I saw pictures and videos (through all my devastated tears of not being able to be there myself!) of the show that Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton presented at PFW.

Being described as Marc Jacobs “Mod Army” it was a dazzling array of a flashback to the 60’s with the adorable Twiggy style shift dresses and the geometric mod designs, which was complemented so perfectly with the vibrant palettes.

It was clear that PFW this year was intended to be shifted into full throttle, as seen with Chanel’s giant windmills, and, most importantly, Marc Jacob’s escalators which so cleverly presented the models in such a graceful way.

But seriously, who can even pull off escalators and high end clothing at an international fashion show?!

Bravo Mr Jacobs.

For those of you who haven’t seen yet, here are some amazing pictures from the show.


Sammy Jade xx

Images via: pinterest, My Proffs 

London Fashion Week: Giles

Although London Fashion Week well and truly done and dusted, the impacts of this full on week quite clearly still linger in the air, so what better time to revisit some of our favourite collections?

The second last day of LFW presented us with Giles, by Giles Deacon. This collection took a new direction to many of the trends we are seeing now; with the main focus’ being on colour blocking and lace. However, this was also extended with an interesting shattered glass print.

Although I appreciate the aesthetics of colour blocking, the combination of the shattered glass print and the flirtatious lace design is most certainly what drew my attention. The considered shapes of the Twiggy style shift, the figure hugging and the long dresses accentuates the impact this lace has on creating a sense of femininity.

With the Australian climate stepping into Spring, I am very keen to put this look into action for those warm, carefree, sunny days.

Here are some other pieces from the collection. Images from London Fashion Week

Sammy Jade xx

Exciting News & Pictures

Hey everyone!

So for those of you who have been following me for a while, you all know that I entered into the Guess One to Watch competition, which was held by Guess Watches.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this, it was a competition which was in search for their next Guess Access blogger. This required all participants to create an account on their One to Watch Facebook app, and gain as many “style points” as possible within a 2 month period. The top 10 from each country would be selected to move onto the next round, which required each person to submit a blog post. From there, 2 people from each participating country would be selected to become the newest bloggers for Guess.

I entered into this competition hoping for the best, but expecting nothing special to happen. I was very surprised when I received an email informing me that I had, in fact, made it through to the next round in which I was required to submit a post.

My excitement quickly turned to nervousness as I realised the easiest part was over, and that I would have to really prove myself to be able to have a shot at this amazing opportunity.

After wasting a precious week deciding what to write on, thinking and rethinking my decision, I finally sat down and began to write, which of course, ended in me reading, and rereading my post to the point where I had corrected every possible flaw I could find myself.

After submission, I had to wait a gruelling month and a half to find out the decision, which I became very apprehensive about after seeing the other contestants amazing work.

Finally, the day came where we would either receive an email informing us we had won, or not. After a whole day without hearing, I had concluded that I had not won.

All of a sudden, when I was least expecting…

There it was

My golden ticket.

I have been absolutely blessed to be selected to become an Australian blogger for Guess Access! My excitement has shot through the roof.

To all of you who voted in the main round- thank you so much for all your amazing support, you are absolute angels!

I believe my blog post will be posted on the Guess Access blog around the 24th- not entirely sure on that one so don’t hold me to it.

But otherwise keep your eyes peeled for me!

Here are some pictures for you guys, shot by my wonderful best friend at Sydney’s Curl Curl board walk, that weren’t included in my Guess blog post- enjoy!

Sammy Jade xx

My day of running in stilettos….well, wedges.

Today my mind was spent in a boggle; forgot half my things, missed my stop… all that good stuff.

I think the reason for this was because I am so in love with my new jeans.

This outfit, I decided to play on the black and white theme to allow the print  to be the centre focus, all while adding a pop of colour with my bright purple wedges.



Blazer: Imprint, Supre long-sleeved top, Living Doll  high-waisted wallpaper jeans, unknown scarf, Mollini shoes.

If it wasn’t for my excitement over these pants, I would have had a much more functional day.

Sammy Jade xx

What’s Your Style: Street Style

“The best fashion show is definitely on the street. Always has been and always will be.”- Bill Cunningham

Before the time of the Satoralist, Bill Cunningham was finding and capturing everyday style found within everyday activities. This simplistic, yet extremely powerful form of photography has ultimately created a shift within fashion and style we expect to see, as well as photography itself, today.

Perhaps its our intense fascination with other people’s lives that makes this work so well- whatever it is- I’m definitely on the bandwagon. Doesn’t this just give you a desire to clean out and restock your wardrobe, and walk around taking pictures of other’s??

Images Via: Tumblr

Sammy Jade xx