A Spring Safari

Image:  Harpers Bazaar.com

No, your eyes don’t need checking, after what feels like (to me) forever, I am back again. Apparently my version of uni holidays is to get as much on my plate as possible, which includes a wonderful internship with the amazing blog Breakfast With Audrey , where not only am I experiencing the behind-the-scenes of the industry, but I have also been given the opportunity to write for them too! My posts go up most Fridays so keep an eye out.

All things aside, this post is a result of the vibrant Safari trend, seen running rife throughout NYFW, with some of the top designers all too keen to show off their fun prints and designs.

Albeit, animal prints when not exercised with caution, can turn out a bit extremely tacky. However, when centred as the focus piece, this print is incredibly quirky.

The idea of this outfit is to maintain the printed pants as centre focus, while alluding to a sort of ‘rawness’ that would otherwise be found within the safari outback (all while, of course, looking good). Getting the right balance can be a challenge, but with the know-how, it’s a piece of cake.

I firstly started off with these Sass and Bide The Late Movie Jeans , which became the staple safari element. I then worked everything else around the texture and colours of these. A simple Black Jersey Tunic Slouched Top is perfect for the Spring, and the drape of it is a flattering contrast to the shapely style of the jeans. Colour blocking is key for statement pieces, we don’t want too much going on at once. These Morea Shoe Boots from Spurr are extremely complementary, bringing out the brown tones from the jeans, as well as the style adding femininity.

Finally, the accessories tie the whole look together. I was instantly drawn to the texture of this Guess Leather Chestnut Handbag, the raw look of it, to me, screams safari, while the texture and colours of this Sheilding Necklace from Forecast is a strong contrast to the simplicity of the black top, something about it reminds me of Indiana Jones.

And last, but certainly not least, I just had to add in the Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch.Not only was Michael Kors one of the first designers to express his love for this trend at Fashion Week, but its current status brings us back to the modernity of the outfit, not to mention I just love it.

I don’t know about you, but this spring I will be kicking it Safari style.


Latest Love: Peter Pan Collars

Hello Lovelies!  Sorry for the delay, I didn’t realise how busy I would be with Uni and everything! 

Welcome to the new look How To Run In Stilettos 🙂

So lately, I don’t know what it is- perhaps the change of season, but I have been absolutely LOATHING my clothes and their inability to give me new, and much-needed inspiration.

Today I went shopping with my best friend, and it wasn’t until I came home with my purchases, that I realised how much I am currently in love with Peter Pan Collars, with 2/3’s of these consisting of this adorable trend. Which, in hindsight, would explain my 2 hour browsing session on eBay last night for these.

These collars have now given my wardrobe the much-needed facelift! I love how dainty they are, they add the touch of femininity that, I believe,  should be available as an option to every lady.

Unless you have an endless supply of funds, or, an enormous money tree (in which case, let me know where I can get one!), versatility is an extremely helpful aspect to have for clothing choices. These collars could not suit this criteria more perfectly.

Dress them down with some rolled skinny leg jeans and some booties, or a flattering A-line skirt. Dress it up with a little black skirt, some heels and a blazer, or simply incorporated into a dress.

The look I particularly love is placing a necklace underneath the collar, this will be exposed in the gap between each side of the collar, adding a subtle embellishment, which definitely goes a long way.

Images via: Tumblr

It’s good to be back!

I hope everyone has a wonderful, safe weekend

Sammy Jade xx

What’s Your Style: Street Style

“The best fashion show is definitely on the street. Always has been and always will be.”- Bill Cunningham

Before the time of the Satoralist, Bill Cunningham was finding and capturing everyday style found within everyday activities. This simplistic, yet extremely powerful form of photography has ultimately created a shift within fashion and style we expect to see, as well as photography itself, today.

Perhaps its our intense fascination with other people’s lives that makes this work so well- whatever it is- I’m definitely on the bandwagon. Doesn’t this just give you a desire to clean out and restock your wardrobe, and walk around taking pictures of other’s??

Images Via: Tumblr

Sammy Jade xx

Can’t Get Enough Of: Chain Rings and Bracelet Rings

As you can probably tell by now, I’m all for individual designs. Sure, some of the most beautiful things have been created time and time again, but these rings have a lust factor that reaches off the scale. I saw this type of ring on Whitney Port while working for her Whitney Eve show, its simplistic design left no need for accompaniment on the hand.

All elements of this design are so cohesive and so beautiful, it transforms the common pairing of rings with bracelets, while the chain connecting the two elongates the hand, adding an elegant touch to any outfit. I love how versatile they are, turning from day, to night with no effort.

The chain ring is a fun way to spice up your accessories, I love that you can change-up its look just through particular placement of each ring.  Definitely a must-have for all year round!

Images Via: Tumblr

I hope you love them just as much as I do

Sammy Jade xx

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My Time At Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia

As I’ve mentioned, I spent this week immersed in the fast paced and exciting world of the fashion industry, being selected as one of the few to work as part of the Fashion Week Team, where I had the opportunity to work back stage with the models, as well as front of house, assisting in the organisation of various aesthetical properties of the catwalk and it’s surrounding room.
It was one of the best experiences to say the least.

Having the opportunity to work so closely within the industry, I gained so much knowledge, in particular the hours of work before hand that goes into a 15 minute show. This was experienced during my time of ushering the Watson X Watson show, as well as An Ode To No One.

Watson X Watson displayed an array of designs consisting of pastels, metallic, block colours, feminine shapes, as well as a contrast of ‘boyfriend-esque’designs.

However, it was the ambiance that filtered the room which really achieved a magic persona. This was created through a creative construction of tree branches, which were decorated with rows of flowers which were flurescently stained to glow in the dark. A fresh colour palette was achieved through pure white seating, as well as gift bags. This ultimate contrast was the fluorescent WxW sign which was positioned centre front and became the centrepiece, glowing throughout the room.
An overall nature vibe was achieved for the entire show.

An Ode To No One, presented us with symmetry and femininity. This was achieved through pastels, and lineage which brought to light the female form.

The guests were presented with a bag containing products from their sponsors. Positioned next to it, was a beautiful blue orchid which brought to life the entire white room through its simplicity and vibrancy.

It was however, the privilege I received on the first day that over came all other experiences for the rest of my week.

Dressing for the Whitney Eve show was one of the most exciting experiences, I was able to catch a glimpse into the glitz and glamour of the high fashion and fast paced industry, learning to quickly change the models before they were due back out on the catwalk, while having been surrounded by people such as Joh Bailey, Lara Bingle, Nicole Warne from Gary Pepper Vintage, Jay Lyon from The Hills, and even Whitney Port herself who were all back stage before the show. It was a dream come true.

Lets not forget about the garments. Whitney Eve displayed her Whitney Eve collection, as well as her WE collection, which will be sold in Sportsgirl around August. These collections channeled the classic, youthful woman with her vibrant designs which accentuated the wearers figure, as well as being combined with feminine drapage and soft fabrics and patterns. They were all very wearable, a perfect collection for the Sportsgirl shopper.

Images Via: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: http://australia.mbfashionweek.com

I hope everyone had a wonderful, fashion filled week.

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Sammy Jade xx

New Love: Mirrored Nail Polish

This week I had the pleasure of working at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia (more on that later). Throughout my time there, I met and saw an array of people and collections that opened my eyes up to an amazing new side of fashion.

While working back stage at one of the shows, I noticed one of the other dressers had on this mirrored nail polish. Although I had seen it before, it had looked so much better right in front of my eyes.  I couldn’t stop looking!

I don’t know about you guys, but my obsession with painted nails often takes me to a dead-end, where no shade of pink satisfies my desire for a more eye-catching detail. This is exactly what I’ve been searching for.

Images via: Tumblr & Google

Better still, It comes in gold!

Happy painting

Sammy Jade xx

Winter Essentials: Bell Bottom Coats

Its coming into the colder months now, and what better way to stay warm than to look hot!

As we begin our transition from the carefree, warm, throw-on-anything-and-go lifestyle centred around beaches and parties, we must start to consider our everyday wear in preparation for the unpredictable and multifaceted nature of Winter.

In order to combat this, I am absolutely loving the bell bottom coat. Its structure is the perfect way to accentuate your gorgeous form, through the tailored waistline and the ‘bell bottom’ design from the waist down, it is the best way to achieve the desired hourglass figure,  not to mention Tres Chic!

This timeless piece is the best investment, as it is extremely versatile, it can do no wrong.

For the warmer days, pair it with a skirt and some booties, or dress it up with some heels. For the colder days, team with some on-trend leather leggings.

I love the extra military detailing, it adds that extra emphasis to your overall look.

 Images via:Tumblr

Opting for an asymmetrical hem line will allow for more movement of the coat, and is very flattering.

Stay warm!

Sammy Jade xx

Fashion Palette: Spring/Summer 2012/13

I spent today with my best friend, immersed in the premier of the new seasons fashions at Sydney’s 2012/13 SS Fashion Palette. We were lucky enough to get front row seats, as we sat in awe at not only the serene, Grecian inspired pure white surroundings, but the gorgeous designs which were showcased for this up and coming season, which included the likes of ; Nicola Finetti, Wild Pony, Lauren Damelian,Baraka, Kabuklu, Wanni, and Bettina Liano just to name a few.

The dazzling show, centred with a three teared fountain, began with a live performance filled with singers and dancers.

Nicola Finetti was first up, with her collection, permeated with vibrant geometric shapes and colour blocking.

Wild Pony was a perfect exemplification of Summer time with the bright, youthful colours and feminine silhouettes.

Lauren Damelian employed the strategical use of draping in order to highlight a certain femininity and softness throughout her collection

Baraka’s classy collection consisted of incredibly detailed garments and perfect feminine shapes.

Kabukiu showcased a collection of kimono inspired garments, with light catching sequins and silky, lustrous fabrics, perfectly created to accentuate the female form.

We were quite excited when we returned to our seats to find a little black gift bag, perfectly packaged with a square box. Inside was a beautiful silken scarf. This became the personification of the Wanni collection, the colours, the simplicity and the elegance all merged into one to form this beautiful collection.

Bring on Fashion Week!

Sammy Jade xx

All images are my own and other use must be granted permission/sourced.

Top Of The Wishlist: Boyfriend Watch

Juxtaposing the appearance of the current dainty rings, watches appear to now be the go-to statement item, graciously stealing the limelight no matter the outfit, I just can’t get enough of these boyfriend watches!

Almost like an Alice In Wonderland scenario, their exaggerated sizing are a perfect way to flatter the arms, wrist and hands, achieving a petite appearance. This can be perfectly partnered with simple, elegant rings.

They are perfect for any occasion, as they are both easily dressed up and down depending on the accessories and clothing they are paired with.

Simply elegant-without the fuss.

You’re sure to never be late for that important date.

 Images Via: Tumblr

Sammy Jade xx

On The Radar: Bow Ties

Initially regarded as formal attire for men, the return of the classic bow tie has been spotted all over the red carpet and catwalks; from high-end fashion to celebrities, everyone is embracing this incredibly chic accessory.

This extremely versatile item adds a fun vibrancy to any casual look, as well as a sense of sophistication when paired with a sharp, tailored blazer.

However, it is the delicate female interpretation that has added a new spin to this predominantly male inspired look, exemplifies the bow tie’s full versatility.

Being worn with a tailored blazer gives a feminine touch to a masculine concept, while pairing a loosely  tied bow with a feminine dress adds a new take, erasing all notions of masculinity.

Cinching in the waist is an effective way of reiterating the feminine form in order to ensure the look is not consumed by a mass of masculinity.

For both genders, exchanging the plain black tie with a brightly coloured, patterned or textured one is an easy way to add that extra statement, which, after all, is what this trend is all about.

Sammy Jade xx