And a Side of Fries

Its not Schmancy…. but its definitely a little fancy.

If you have been quietly observing all the fashion week buzz like I have, you would have definitely come across Moschino’s McDonalds themed collection at Milan Fashion Week not too long ago.

And damn, fast food has never looked so good.

We have Jeremy Scott to thank for this deliciously fun collection, with his debut for Moschino having been referred to as a “mutant hybrid of Ronald McDonald and Coco Chanel” which, in all honesty, could not be put any better.

This collection consisted of the classic yellow and red colour palette and of course, the signature golden arches, with a fun play on the classic fast food chain uniform, which I’m sure staff would gladly give up their current attire for… or at least I would if I were them.

Its pretty safe to say that here at How To Run In Stilettos- we’re lovin’ it. (Too cliche?)

But of course, a collection based on popular culture would not be complete without Β cameos from possibly the two other most iconic brandings- Spongebob and Fruitloops. Because, why not? right?

In an industry that has the tendency to take itself too seriously, its great to see someone flirting with fashion.

Check out some more images from the collection below and let me know what you think!

Sammy Jade xx

Moschino - Runway - Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2014 jeremy-scott-moschino-2014-2 storymain_2829953a Moschino - Runway - Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2014 jeremy-scott-moschino-2014-1

Images via: Lifestyle Yahoo, Telegraph, Style.MTV,


An Australian Sunset

Today’s society brings with it a multitude of responsibilities, and ambitions which were not present in previous generations. This chaotic, yet very rewarding lifestyle we have learnt to acquire, tends to overpower us, as we lose hindsight of what we already have, through our constant search to find more.

Growing up on the sunny beaches of Australia, I have always been very fortunate in my circumstances, taking for granted what others are not as lucky to have. This became very apparent to me after being presented with this amazing sunset, as we say good bye to the last of the warm weather for the season. I sat with my best friend as we dwelled in the beauty of our hometown.

www.howtoruninstilettos.wordpress.comWearing: SuprΓ© high waisted dark denim mini shorts, Dotti cut out beige woollen top, Charlie Brown beige cashmere sleeved shrug with lace detailing on the back, Collette Aztec inspired bangle.